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Actor of innovation

The heart of be.wan technological innovation

Big Data

To meet the new challenges of processing very high volumes of data, companies can call on solutions specialized in Big Data.

Artificial intelligence

Opportunities and challenges of the Machine Learning in companies. The emerging technology of artificial intelligence, or AI, crosses several techniques that simulate human cognitive processes.


Accompanying entrepreneurs over the long term and helping them build successful companies, especially when their projects are still nascent and largely imperfect, is one of the most exciting and rewarding jobs in the world!


While the Internet does not usually extend beyond the electronic world, the Internet of connected objects represents the exchange of information and data from real-world devices to the Internet.

You have a project?

One out of every two companies has no digital strategy

Faced with the challenges posed by the digitization of the economy, be. wan has once again decided to position itself at the forefront. Its target group: SMEs with 100 to 250 employees and subsidiaries of international groups that still have decision-making powers in the IT field. 

be.lab is the heart of be. wan’s technological innovation. Disruption, connected objects, Big Data, artificial intelligence: answers to the challenges of the digital revolution will not only come from Silicon Valley! Thanks to very large investments in R&D, be. wan is now developing proof of concept that will enable you to increase your competitiveness in the future.

“To stay in the running and avoid an erosion of their competitiveness, companies will have to adapt in depth.

Unfortunately, they are not really aware of it yet.

We want to be ready and able to offer new technological solutions to companies that have taken the measure of future changes”.



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